Stoneage Health – Grass Fed Biltong Original

Stoneage Health – Grass Fed Biltong Original


Stoneage Health – Grass Fed Biltong

  • The ultimate primal snack.

When Biltong is made the meat dehydrates and usually loses one-third to one-half of its weight during the drying process. This means that when compared by weight to raw meat, biltong has an 80% to 100% higher concentration of protein, fat and calories. As air-drying is superior to cooking meat it means vitamins and minerals, are in higher concentrations than in raw meat.

Stoneage Health grass fed Biltong is high in energy, protein and healthy fats, but low in carbs and contains no sugar.

Our grass fed beef is sourced locally from the green pastures of Byron Bay to ensure the highest of quality and flavour for our trusted clients.


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Stoneage Health – Grass Fed Biltong Original

  • The ultimate primal snack
  • 100% Australian Grass Fed Beef
  • High in protein
  • Low carb
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