Stoneage Health is a young Australian owned and operated Company based in Sydney. Our mission is to provide you with the worlds best whole foods and supplements to optimise a Primal/paleo lifestyle. We believe that to reach optimal health we need to limit consuming processed foods and enjoy high quality Grass fed, wild caught(Seafood) and pasture raised proteins, organic, seasonal and locally sourced fruits and leafy vegetables and high quality fats sourced from organic activated nuts, seeds, plants and animals. We understand how busy and hectic our modern day lives can be so we are on a mission to make staying nourished easy and achievable. We have combined the freshest locally sourced produce to make nutrient dense primal and paleo friendly snacks that will keep you satisfied for hours even if you skip a meal. These high protein snacks include Grass fed Biltong, protein balls and activated nuts. We try to support local growers, suppliers and manufacturers with our production and we are committed to providing products that are ethically produced, sustainable and certified organic where possible. Healthy fats play a vital role in reaching your optimal health and maintaining energy levels so we have an extensive range of Organic Grass fed Ghees, Raw fermented Cod Liver Oils, Organic Flaxseed oils, organic coconut oils and MCT’s. Introducing the right primal supplements is crucial to living a healthy and happy life. We need to consume these supplements to balance the adverse effects of the stressful lives that modern man faces. We have spent years sourcing the purest and cleanest supplements from across the globe and these products are all non GMO, free from refined sugars, gluten and fillers and are carefully chosen to reduce inflammation and insulin spikes. Our range of primal, Paleo friendly supplements include: Soil based pre and probiotics, raw fermented cod liver oil and fish oils, Grass fed and pasture raised Collagen powders and Gelatin powders, Grass fed and hormone free Goats Whey protein and Goat mineral products, Organic Grass fed Whey protein powders.One of the best ways to eliminate stress and live a happy life is to be active and it is fun to move, play and train hard so we have a large range of supplements to support the Primal athlete. From someone who enjoys the occasional run to the most fine tuned professional Athlete, we’ve got you covered. Boost your energy levels, blood flow and maintain lean muscle mass using the worlds best pharmaceutical grade amino Acids. These include BCAA’s, L-leucine, Glutamine, L-Arginine and L-Carnitine Tartrate. Be sure to never go hungry pre or post workout with the purest Grass fed WPI protein powders and certified organic natural superfood powders. Recover faster and sleep like baby with our range of topical magnesium and melatonin body lotions and sprays.At Stoneage Health our goal is to help everyone reach their optimal health and performance and make it easy for people to enjoy delicious whole foods, Primal/Paleo snacks and supplements. Where you can be sure all the products are made from sustainable ethically sourced produce with minimal and nutrient dense ingredients. We pride ourselves in offering amazing customer service and appreciate the needs of our clients. We also have online support and information available through our resident Nutritionist.

New products

  • Active h2 + chromax

    Active H2 + Chromax

    • Amount: 30 Tablets
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  • NAD-Platinum

    Quicksilver Scientific NAD+ Platinum

    • Amount: 100ml
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  • QuintEssential 3.3

    QuintEssential Hypertonic Elixir

    • Amount: 30 sachets
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  • Body Health CALM berry lemon

    Bodyhealth CALM- Berry Lemon

    • Amount: 84 servings
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  • Cymbiotika NMN

    Cymbiotika NMN

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  • Bodyhealth omega 3 Health

    Bodyhealth Omega 3 Health

    • Amount: 120 Soft gels
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  • Bioptimizers Magnesium Breakthrough

    BiOptimizers – Magnesium Breakthrough

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  • re lyte unflavoured
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    Re-Lyte Electrolyte Mix – Unflavoured

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Why Stoneage Health

We work hard to source only the most sustainable products and ingredients.

Our priority is to provide you with the finest organic, pure and locally sourced products.

All products have been carefully curated by healthcare professionals to ensure the highest quality and effectiveness.

All products contain no gluten, refined sugar, fillers, hormones or GMO’s.