Why everyone in Australia should consider taking a probiotic supplement

You’ve no doubt heard someone you know talk about probiotics or seen an ad lately telling you to take a probiotic supplement or eat probiotic-rich foods. Probiotics have been enjoying their time in the spotlight and in recent years the shelves of the pharmacy and supermarket have become filled with countless probiotic supplements and fermented foods and drinks.

If you’re still not entirely sure what probiotics are and how they can help you achieve a happy gut, we’re here to give you the full low down. Probiotics are the good live bacteria that reside in your intestinal tract. If taken in sufficient doses, probiotics can help increase the amount of beneficial bacterial that live in your gut. Studies have found this can aid digestion, improve your immunity and help protect you against certain diseases.

Probiotics are particularly beneficial to take during and after taking a course of antibiotics which are known to weaken your immune system. They are also worth taking during the colder months to boost your immune function as studies have shown that by taking probiotics regularly the number and severity of infections can be reduced.

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