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Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder – Salted Caramel


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Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder contains pure MCTs to support mental clarity and metabolic function

Perfect Keto Powdered MCT Oil is the only MCT Oil Powder with zero additives or fillers. Acacia fiber is a probiotic that promotes gut and cellular health. And it doesn’t spike your blood sugar like fillers found in other MCT powders do.

MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides) are your body’s preferred source of energy. MCTs are quickly metabolized into ketones, shuttling energy to your body.

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MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides) are your body’s preferred source of energy. MCTs are quickly metabolized into ketones, shuttling energy to your body.

Research has proven that MCTs are a clean, fast-acting energy source for the body and brain, and supports:

  • Sustained energy levels, without crashes
  • Cognition and mental clarity
  • Proper metabolic function
  • Proper cellular function.

And with no additives or fake ingredients, Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder is the best low-carb powder to support your keto lifestyle. And our powder is easier to take with you on the go than traditional MCT oils.

The ultimate guide to ketosis

Most of their lives they’ve been told the primary source of energy for their bodies is sugar. However, there is a more efficient source of fuel that is rarely utilized: ketones.

When the body metabolizes fat it produces ketones, which are then used by cells to power their normal functions.

Ketosis is the metabolic state of having ketones in the blood, typically above 0.5mmol/L. The purpose of a ketogenic diet is to eat in such a way (high fat, adequate protein, low carb) that it induces your body into ketosis.

The scientific community is constantly revealing the inner workings and potential applications of a ketogenic diet. Currently, many people opt for ketosis to enhance their mental performance, exercise, body composition, mood, or disease prevention and therapeutic benefits.

What is Ketosis?

Ketosis is the metabolic process of using fat as the primary source of energy instead of carbohydrates. This means your body is directly breaking down its fat stores as energy instead of slowly converting fat and muscle cells into glucose for energy. You enter ketosis when your body doesn’t have enough glucose (carbohydrates) available. The prime function of the ketogenic diet is to put the body in ketosis.

Ketones are byproducts of the body breaking down fat for energy that occurs when carbohydrate intake is low.

How Ketosis works

  • Cutting Off Carbs
    When there isn’t a sufficient level of available glucose and glycogen levels are depleted, blood sugar and insulin levels decrease, and the body looks for an alternative source of fuel (fat).
  • Breaking Down Fats
    The body breaks down fats for energy. This process is known as beta-oxidation, where there is an increase in acetyl-CoA, which turns into acetoacetate. Acetoacetate then shifts to beta-hydroxybutyrate, the ketone body that floats around in your blood to then provide energy to the body and brain.
  • Using Ketosis
    Many people use ketosis for benefits like:

    • Weightloss: When your body is using fat directly as a source of energy, you lose weight more readily because your body taps into your own fat stores for energy instead of the sugar you eat.
    • Improved energy levels: Without surges of glucose, your body has more consistent energy levels because you can use your own body fat for energy (no sugar crashes or food comas).
    • Increased mental focus: Fat is a more consistent source of energy, and preferred by the brain, meaning you don’t have ups and downs in energy and focus.
    • Longevity and disease prevention: Ketosis has been shown to decrease inflammation, Alzheimers, and benefit cancer patients and diabetics.
    • Increased physical performance: Ketosis uses oxygen more efficiently and avoids physical crashes of low blood sugar.

About Perfect Keto

The ketogenic diet can be an excellent tool when your main goal is to lose weight and obtain optimal overall health — in an easy and natural way. Although it’s not for everyone, it has helped hundreds of thousands of people lose fat, while gaining greater mental and physical performance, and maintaining energy from morning to bedtime.

Aside for the treatment for conditions such as epilepsy, inflammation, neurological disease and diabetes, patients who successfully transitioned into a ketogenic lifestyle experienced the most significant improvements in fat loss, physical output, and overall health markers. To understand exactly why this happens, take a few minutes to read this.

No doubt, most people out there looking to improve their lives have a lot to benefit from the ketogenic diet. The thousands of positive customer reviews they have for their products can back this up.


Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder Medium Chain Triglyceride benefits:

  • Fasted in the morning for mental performance
  • Between meals for extra fat burning
  • Mix in your favorite drink (like coffee or tea) to add a delicious & creamy taste
  • Before exercise for better energy production
  • After eating carbs to get back into ketosis
  • Mix in shakes & smoothies to enhance nutrient absorption & get healthy amounts of fat

MCTs do more than just provide the body with clean energy – they are also the precursor to other ketone bodies and assist you in getting into an effortless state of ketosis.

MCTs in powder form are much easier on the digestive system than MCT oil. Perfect Keto’s MCT oil powder is also flavorless and odorless so you can easily add it to your favorite drinks and meals.

Unlike other powdered MCT oils, their product is made of only 100% pure MCT oil from coconuts. Other MCT powders will add fillers like corn fiber, sunflower lecithin, maltodextrin and sodium caseinate to cut costs. These fillers and additives can cause a glucose spike (taking you out of ketosis) and are always unnatural.

Additional Information

Weight 400 g
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 150 mm


MCT Oil Powder (MCT Oil, Acacia Fiber) Natural flavour, Reb A(stevia extract).
Each tub contains 300g of 100% pure powdered MCT oil, good for 30 full-scoop servings, or 60 half-scoop servings.

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How to use

Mix Perfect Keto’s MCT Oil Powder in your coffee, tea, smoothies, or just plain water. No blender required. Our MCT Oil Powders add a wonderful creamy texture to any hot or cold drink.

When to use

Add MCT Oil Powder to your drink or as a snack replacement to promote a healthy metabolism and support mental clarity.

Research has shown that MCTs are one of the best natural sources of fuel for your body. Get the benefits of MCT, in a powder you can add to any meal or drink throughout the day.

Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder is the easiest way to enjoy the benefits of MCTs, while sticking to your keto diet.


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