The Vital Proteins Collagen Australia Has Been Waiting For

Make the right choice for your health and invest in one of the delicious and highly beneficial protein powders offered by Stoneage Health. We all know you’re looking for a secret weapon in the gym, and while nothing replaces hard work and sweat, the right nutrition goes a long way. Make the smarter choice for your body and take a look at our Vital Proteins collection.

Our collection of powders gives your body the fuel it needs to develop lean, strong muscle mass the safe way. Hand-picked by our experienced staff, our powders are sourced from reputable manufacturers including Mt Capra and Vital Proteins – makers of your favourite collagen powders – so you’re always getting the very best when you order from us. Customers in Australia can now discover what real gym fuel feels like and sample Vital Proteins collagen peptides, powder and supplements from our range today.

Vital Proteins marine collagen is your friend in and out of the gym

Marine collagen powder has risen in popularity in Australia as more people learn about its numerous benefits. Vital Proteins marine collagen peptides not only promotes youthful skin, healthy hair and strong nails, but is also great for your joint and bone health. These are some of the best collagen supplements available on the market in Australia, they are full of active amino acids and highly bioavailable.

Choosing the right Vital Proteins collagen protein powder and peptides can help your body in numerous ways. Matching your body with collagen powder that suits your lifestyle and training load can help you cut recovery times, build more muscle and gain mass faster, making your body stronger and your workouts more effective. Whether taken as a shake during workouts, on rest days or straight after the gym during that crucial recovery period, we know you’ll be impressed by the effects of our powders. Available in a range of delicious flavours, as well as unflavoured powders that are perfect for mixing, there’s something to suit everyone in our store.

Vital Proteins help you build a better body

Stoneage Health Australia provides a comprehensive range of Vital Proteins collagen powder, peptides and other supplements including marine collagen products, making it easy for everyone to achieve the lifestyle and level of fitness they desire. Order yours today or get the guidance you need from our team members by calling us on 0417 009 315 or sending us your questions via email at

Once you try Vital Proteins collagen, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!