Our Mission

Stoneage Health is a young Australian owned and operated Company based in Sydney. Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality nutrient dense whole foods and supplements to optimize your health and performance. To reach optimal health, we need to avoid the consumption of processed foods and enjoy local, wild caught seafood, pastured proteins and organic, seasonal, locally sourced vegetables and fruits. High quality fats sourced from organic activated nuts, seeds, plants and animals are also crucial for maintaining healthy energy levels.


Primal supplements to support general health

Introducing the right supplements is crucial to living a healthy life, but make no mistake, not all supplements are created equal. We are always working hard to source premium, sustainable and pure supplements from across the globe and all of these products all contain NO gluten, refined sugar, artificial sweeteners or fillers. These products have been selected to help reduce inflammation, remove free radicals and toxins and restore a healthy gut biome.

Our range of ancestral diet aligned supplements include: soil based pre and probiotics, raw cold pressed EVCLO, plant based superfoods, grass fed and pasture raised collagen, grass fed and hormone free goats whey and goat mineral products and organic grass fed whey protein powders.


Primal supplements to support training

One of the best ways to eliminate stress and live a happy life is to be active, keep moving and train hard for short periods of time. It is fun to move, play, train and sprint so we have a large range of supplements to support the Primal athlete. From someone who enjoys the occasional run to the most fine tuned professional Athlete, we’ve got you covered!

  • Boost your energy levels, blood flow, build and maintain lean muscle mass using the worlds purest, pharmaceutical grade vegan friendly Essential Amino Acids. These EEA’s are 99% utilised by the body.
  • Never go hungry pre or post workout with the purest grass fed whey protein isolates, organic whey protein concentrates and hormone and pesticide free goats whey protein powders.
  • Recover faster and sleep like baby with our range of topical magnesium and melatonin body lotions and sprays.
  • Support your Keto journey with our range our MCT oils, exogeneous ketones and good fats.

Primal pantry and snacks to keep you nourished

At Stoneage, we support local growers and we are committed to providing products that are sustainable and certified organic where possible. In our primal pantry, you will find a range of primal friendly products such as sauces, natural sweeteners and oils, to make your meals even more delicious. You will also find some delicious nut butters that will that will keep you satisfied and nourished for hours even if you skip a meal.



Not sure where to start?

We pride ourselves in offering amazing customer service and appreciate the needs of our clients. If you are unsure of which products you need to begin optimising your health and performance, please contact our certified primal health coach at