NXGEN Wholefoods

NXGEN Wholefoods aims to bring the ancient art of natural animal-based food extraction back into the modern world, as an alternative to lab-based synthetic supplements.

Bringing together nature, science and ancestral nutrition, NXGEN creates naturally sourced products that support optimum human health.

Created from nature’s resources

NXGEN believes in the importance of knowing the source of your supplements. The dietary supplements produced by NXGEN Wholefoods come from specific marine and beef sources.

The marine-based products are sourced from the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

The beef products come from Lake Eyre cattle that are raised on regenerative organic farms, grazing on native grasses that grow in nutrient-rich soils. The practices of these farms include full care for native flora and fauna, soil carbon replenishment, and the highest levels of animal welfare.

NXGEN’s approach results in products rich in vitamins and minerals, peptides, enzymes, and other active ingredients beneficial for human biological processes and wellbeing.

The NXGEN Wholefood range

All the products produced by NXGEN are 100% Australian made. They are free from gluten, dairy, fillers, added hormones, pesticides, antibiotics, and artificial colours and flavours. They are also non-GMO.

NXGEN hand-picks its own ingredients and conducts all its own processes including freeze drying and milling. The company’s patented freeze-drying method involves using a gentle drying cycle to preserve heat-sensitive nutrients.

NXGEN’s marine products include wild fish eggs from Australian ocean salmon, to support brain, heart and fertility health.

The beef range includes whole food products derived from bovine organs, bones, blood, and glandular tissue, providing superior nutrition free from additives. It includes products to support:

  • Joint and bone strength – through high-quality collagen, growth factors and high-absorption calcium and phosphorus.
  • Male reproductive health – products derived from bull organs to improve sperm production and libido and to correct hormonal imbalances.
  • Female reproductive health – support for female libido and fertility, reduction of menstrual discomfort, hormone rebalancing and healthy breast tissue.
  • Digestion – peptides and other nutrients for IBS and other digestive issues, designed to reduce inflammation and maintain gut lining.
  • Immunity – a unique blend of organ meat nutrients for immune support and allergy reduction.
  • Cognitive health – peptides, enzymes, and cofactors for brain health and improved cognition.

In addition, there are products with bioactive compounds to support the blood, lungs, pancreas, adrenals, spleen and pituitary, as well as general foundational health.

NXGEN Wholefoods – all-Australian naturally-derived nutrients to support your best health and wellbeing.