Quicksilver Scientific

Quicksilver Scientific’s goal is to bring the highest quality supplementation products to the market. While the company sees robust and radiant health as our birthright, it recognises that in our polluted modern world, it’s hard to achieve this through food alone.

As a result, Quicksilver considers supplementation may be called for. But the company has found that many supplement products on the market don’t live up to their claims.

In response to this, Quicksilver has developed a range of nutraceutical liposomes supplements designed to bring faster-acting health benefits to people across the world.

What sets Quicksilver Scientific apart

One of the problems Quicksilver saw in the supplement industry was the low bio-availability of many active ingredients in the products. This resulted in many nutrients being lost as they passed through the body – most notably the harsh processes of the digestive system.

So, the company developed its own patented and unique delivery technology, Quicksilver Delivery Systems®, to support greater bio-availability of active ingredients in its supplements. Increased absorption is achieved through very tiny liposomes that are small enough to pass between cells and enter straight into the bloodstream.

Quicksilver’s superior delivery method results in the nutrient absorption process starting as soon as the supplements enter the mouth.

The Quicksilver Scientific product range

The benefits of Quicksilver fast-acting products may include improved energy, higher immunity, better brain functioning, reduced inflammation, assistance for healthy weight loss and more.

The range includes products designed to support the following:

  • Toxin elimination – through potent blends of bitter herbs.
  • Improved metabolism and fat-burning – particularly for people who are practising intermittent fasting or are on carb-restricted diets.
  • Foundational health – via high-absorption ultra-vitamins formulas with powerful antioxidants.
  • Cell fortification – through specific combinations of vitamins and antioxidants that promote cell membrane health.
  • Anti-ageing – facilitated via products that enhance generation of the NAD co-enzyme.
  • Cell energy – through CoQ10 and blends of botanicals.

Quicksilver Scientific – where nature and science combine to create natural vibrant health.